Recruitment and management of quality personnel is an essential element of any successful organisation. Security incidents within businesses are often personnel related, many of which could be avoided by the adoption of discrete and targeted vetting policies.

We provide vetting and screening services across the world, for a growing number of clients, adopting the principle that a little more effort at the start of a potentially long business relationship will pay dividends, avoiding potentially embarrassing future revelations – damaging business and reputations.

Our processes are tried and tested, conducted with minimal impact, making use of highly experienced senior police managers. Our experience ensures we swiftly identify weaknesses, gaps and omissions.

Areas of assessment include:

  • Proof of Identity
  • Criminal Record Checks
  • Credit history – potential for undeclared addresses, electoral roll, bankruptcy or tax investigations
  • Incident investigations
  • County Court Judgements (CCJs) or equivalent
  • Qualification verifications
  • Visa and work permit verifications
  • Directorship checks
  • Social Media
  • Overseas checks
  • CV Reviews


Investment Business

“We have been working with CIPROS International for a number of years. Their Due Diligence, Vetting and Screening Services are swift, detailed, insightful, and high quality and provide us with the necessary detailed information allowing us to make the right decisions. We now make use of their excellent Investigation Services, which again are of high quality, providing the necessary details to make decisions and judgements. We would highly recommend them.”

Tier One Legal

“We have worked with CIPROS on a number of difficult, confidential matters. Their work and people are high quality. They were able to identify major issues quickly, and their detailed reports are first rate. They do exactly what they say they do, clear recommendations and no flannel. We have a continuing partnership with CIPROS which works well for our clients.”

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Specialist Threat and Risk services, providing Security, Safety and Resilience