Protecting assets through intelligence, experience, training and technology

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CIPROS International provides specialist threat and risk consultancy services. We focus solely on providing clients with a secure, safe and resilient business environment, allowing businesses to develop and grow.

The combination of experience, up to date intelligence and use of technology ensures we provide our clients with the tools to succeed, whilst remaining safe and secure.

Vetting Personnel

We provide clients with in-depth vetting of employees, directors and business associates. A little effort at the start of a potentially long-term business relationship will avoid potentially adverse future revelations.

Secured by CIPROS Programme

Specialist services reviewing business threat, risk and vulnerability. Our integrated teams bridge the virtual world and the physical world allowing business to develop, grow and succeed.

Cyber Security

Cyber security concerns are ever present and growing. Our bespoke cyber service is available on a monthly retainer basis ensuring our clients are continually safe, secure, resilient and compliant.


We provide confidential investigations focused on understanding what has occurred and what is needed, prioritising business protection and reputation. Our highly experienced, qualified investigators swiftly get to the heart of issues, providing common sense practical guidance and solutions.

Compliance and Standards

We support clients in reaching and maintaining recognised standards, such as the ISO Programme, ensuring our clients are able to operate to globally accepted specifications. We have significant experience working with businesses to achieve Cyber Essentials accreditation, as well as ISO 27001 and GDPR compliance.


The threat of crime, the use of ‘insiders’ and theft intellectual property are ever present. Our highly qualified, specialist teams provide discreet services ensuring businesses are protected from the threat of corruption.


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Protecting assets through intelligence, experience, training and technology

Specialist Threat and Risk services, providing Security, Safety and Resilience