Our specialist teams enable delivery of the necessary support and guidance to all our clients. Our primary objective is to ensure our clients are Safe, Secure, Resilient and Compliant.

We provide Cyber Security Threat, Risk and Vulnerability Assessments, identifying areas of concern and potential compromise of critical assets. Effective Cyber Defence policies will include, for example:

Critical Asset Protection

• Intellectual property
• Business critical data and GDPR
• Overall Information Security

Cyber Risk Framework

• Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery;
• Access Control and Management Systems ensuring secure and privileged access to secure, confidential data;
• Security Incident and Event Management systems to gather all information, detect trends and monitor efficiency and effectiveness of all control systems;

Insider/Outsider threats

• Physical Security – buildings and people;
• Locally developed operational systems, which may compromise security;
• Third Party Providers, and levels of access;

Prevention and future proofing

• Anti-virus software to detect known threats, and indicators or compromise detecting new threats;
• Firewalls, and Intrusion Detection Systems;
• Processes and procedure review and implementation; ISO and Cyber Essentials
• Training programmes


Sports Regulator

We have made use of CIPROS on a number of highly confidential matters. Their experience and detailed knowledge of cyber related security issues, investigative pedigree and threat and risk analysis have been invaluable. Their people are first class, always smart, courteous, professional and discreet. The quality of their reporting procedures provided the detail necessary for the Board to make the right decisions. We continue to use their services to date. They are excellent at what they do!

Protecting assets through intelligence, experience, training and technology

Specialist Threat and Risk services, providing Security, Safety and Resilience